Zebra WFT8 MILDLINER Double-Ended Fluorescent Brush

Zebra MILDLINER Double-Ended Fluorescent Brush has double ends, bold and fine. The soft end is 12mm (the length of the brush) and hard end 0.5-0.7mm. The user has no problem writing and illustrating with the pen. The soft brush, with full and elastic nib is able to flexibly present strokes of different widths. The hard end can be used to make highlights, write, take notes and draw pictures. Both ends can go with highlighters of the same series. The pen can be used to make highlights, write, take notes and color paintings. Besides, the user draw with a technical pen. The user can outline with a technical pen in one side to create shadows and make the image more three dimensional. The user can write and draw in gradients of colors by using light colors as the background and dark colors to draw to create gradient effects. The pen comes in 25 refreshing and lovely colors. They are beautiful and good-looking. Besides sold one by one, the product comes in five-different-color pack (soft colors, clear sky colors, friendly colors, cold colors and Japanese style colors).


Liberty OP-001 Pastel

Newly released by Liberty, OP-001 Pastel is safe and toxic-free. It is a great painting tool for children. In softer texture, pastels have a wide range of applications. Able to present light colors, dark colors, layers of colors and mixture of colors, pastels can present various styles and all kinds of effects, from professional artistic works to children’s casual doodling. In terms of colors, pastels can create bright colors as well as elegant colors, presenting rich color scales with different levels of brightness. In terms of presentation, pastels can display coarse as well as delicate textures all depending on the artists’ creativity. In terms of techniques, the user can create abundant levels of images by applying the pigment either thickly or thinly and overlapping different colors. The user can easily pastels directly. Children can learn the ideas of color mixing and techniques of coloring during doodling. According to consumers’ needs, Liberty OP-001 Pastel comes in 12 colors, 24 colors and 36 colors. The product feels good in hand and can be painted and colored easily. Your work can start with Liberty.


Liberty CC-866 Macaron Colored Pencil

The only one in Taiwan! Liberty CC-866 Macaron Colored Pencil is the only colored pencil in Taiwan with barrels in “water-based” paint. Different from traditional colored pencils which mostly in bright and saturated colors, Liberty Macaron Colored Pencil is also in bright colors, but has a touch of softness. The user enjoying painting and coloring will have more colors to choose from. Following Liberty’s insistence on its products, Macaron Pencils are ecofriendly, safe, toxic-free and anti-bacterial. Both adults and children can use the product without worries. The barrel of the product is round. Including 12 colors, the product, different from other Liberty colored pencils which mostly packed in tin boxes, comes in two packages, CC-866-1 “Exquisite Drawer Carton” and CC-866-2 “PVC Box.” The former is great as a gift or for users themselves; the later is light and convenient to be carried around. The two packages provide different choices for you. Liberty CC-866 Macaron Colored Pencil is in limited edition. It is available in Liberty Colored Pencil Museum, Liberty Mall Online, and LC Company. Please go check it out in these three shops!


Liberty CB-196 God-Blessed Pencil

This is Limited Edition God-Blessed Pencil sold online only in 2020. People in Taiwan worship many gods and goddesses, each of which has his own unique blessings and features. The product introduces the gods to children. In the future, they can find the temples for blessings according to their needs. Pencil-collectors should never miss the product! God-Blessed Pencil really gives blessings. The pencil is in six designs: Matzu (Shen Zhao Hai Biou), God of Fortune (Kai Yun De Cai), Chinese Cupid (Qian Li Yin Yuan), Guan Yu (Zhong Yi Ren Yong), God of Literature (Hong Wen Yang Dao), God of Earth (Fu Ze You Min). The colorful case is printed with images of the gods and goddesses in cute styles. This product is great as a gift or used on your own. The barrel is round and painted with anti-bacterial and toxic-free materials. Its refill is 2B. In six patterns, this product contains six pencils per box. The display set contains four boxes for each design. The product is sold exclusively online. Buy 4 sets, and you will get a complimentary display rack.


Max HD-3DEL Stapler

Stationery can be very fashionable! Max HD-3DEL Stapler is strongly functional, effortless and user-friendly. With simple and spectacular look, it is an eye-catching ornament on the desk. HD-3DEL Stapler uses No.3 staples. It can bind 75 pieces of paper in maximum. Based on the pieces of paper for bookbinding, the Stapler uses No.3-1M staples for 2-30 pieces of paper and No.3-10M staples for 30-75 pieces of paper. It is easy to load staples. Just open the stapler easily to load 100 staples. The ergonomic grip is in moderate size, saving 55% of effort. With the multi-functional adjustment lever, the user can open the stapler with one touch. The binding position can be automatically locked and adjusted. The user can adjust the depth according to their needs. The maximum depth is 58mm while the minimum is 3mm. The position will not be moved when the user uses the stapler. The stapler is accurately in the right position. In addition, press the lever and move to the front end to remove the jammed staples. It is super easy to remove jammed staples. Don’t forget about the special anti-bacterial processing for the surface of the stapler SIAA KOHIN (SIAA ISO 22196 for KOHKIN). The user can use the stapler without worries even when it is used by many people. Trustworthy and enhancing work efficiency, Max Stapler is indispensable stationery in the office. It is worth recommending to you. For more detailed information, please scan the QRcode on the stapler and watch the video online.


Schneider Glam VIP 1677 Fashionable Fountain Pen Case

Attention, stiff pen calligraphy lovers. Distributed by Liberty, Schneider, writing tool expert 100% made in Germany, recently released a whole new Glam VIP Fashionable Fountain Pen Case. It is an entry-level boutique in high quality and at reasonable price for beginners. Glam VIP Fashionable Fountain Pen fully presents German ultimate craftsmanship. In F nib, the barrel comes in two colors, blue and ivory. The user won’t resist the pen for its geometric design pearl luster barrel (size φ12.2*148.6mm), ergonomic anti-skid rubber, grip, stainless steel iridium coated nib, and premium metal pen clip. The pen is suitable for both left and right handers. It is a top choice as an entry-level writing tool. Besides, inheriting stainless steel abrasion resistant nib of the brand, VIP Fashionable Fountain Pen can be written smoothly and easily. In addition, the storage space in the barrel is large, able to store two ink cartridges. The user won’t have the trouble running out of ink in the middle of writing. The package uses exclusive hexagonal pattern pen case in Taiwan. Each case contains one fountain pen, two ink cartridges, and complimentary Corry 6940 Correction Pen, able to correct Schneider’s blue ink traces once and erase the unsatisfactory part. Of course, besides ink cartridges, the user can also use Schneider European ink absorber. It is more eco-friendly to refill ink. Glam VIP Fashionable Fountain Pen not only shows your personal taste but is also a good choice for a present.


Max HD-10TLK Stapler

This Stapler shows its perfection once it is released! Max is deeply loved by all walks of life because of its excellent binding technique. The newly released HD-10TLK Stapler is known as a craftsman level product, or a masterpiece among binding products. The Stapler comes in four colors, blue, black, green and pink. In matte quality, the stapler is in low profile and profound. With its beautiful design, it is definitely the most eye-catching craftsman level tool on the desk. It is also very praiseworthy in terms of its functionality. With “double power mechanism,” the Stapler is three times more durable than a general stapler. In terms of functionality, it is lightweight and saves energy by 50% (in comparison with other Max products). Weighing only 150g, the Stapler can vastly reduce the burden of the hand when the user needs to bind massive documents. Besides, with the 5mm margin, the user can easily bind the margin of a packing box, which is usually difficult for binding. The opening of the Stapler is 15mm and is in 53mm deep. The range of paper binding is hugely expanded. When the Stapler is out of staples, it can be opened in 180 degrees. The user can load 150 staples easily and check out the volume of the needles. It is convenient for the user to reload anytime. The Stapler is applicable for general HD-10-1M staples and can bind 20 pieces pf paper (64gsm copy paper). It is sufficient for users at home and for office work.


Westcott WE-7001S Scissors

Great American company Westcott releases scissors made of American patented stainless steel. The most eye-catching part of the WE-7001S Scissors is that the blade is in colorful floral patterns. Its handle is made of PP. The scissors come in four pastel colors, lake blue, cherry pink, apple green, and peach orange. The scissors not only soften the hard and cold office, but make the user pleasant when holding them in hand. WE-7001S Scissors are 177mm long. The blade is 76mm long. The cutting range is up to 90-100 degrees. With larger angles, the user can cut more conveniently. In 7 inches large, the scissors are suitable for all the members in the family. The lightweight curvy handle is applicable for both right and left handers. Ergonomic, the scissors feel good and more comfortable in hand and are very handy. With the scissors, the user can cut things easily and effortlessly. Suitable for cutting paper, laminated paper, photos, and thin cloth, etc., the scissors are great helpers for office and general purposes.


Monami Plus Pen 3000 Water Based Ink Color Felt Tip Pen

Famous Korean brand Monami Plus Pen 3000 Water Based Ink Color Felt Tip Pen is deeply loved by its users for its brilliant drawing feeling. This product comes in up to 24 different colors, baby blue, black, blue, chocolate, cream orange, coral red, green, gray, golden yellow, indigo, lavender, light green, mint green, orange, pink, pea blue, Pale Orange, baby pink, purple, red, red purple, burgundy, sky blue, and yellow. Covering all the common colors, the product satisfies your need for rich colors. Besides rich colors, the pen’s 0.4mm fine tip is able to draw various kinds of lines from fine to bold, depending on the angles of the tip. The user can draw bright and beautiful colors and lines easily. With water-based ink, the strokes get dry quickly without smearing the user’s hand. For extensive purposes, the pen is excellent for recording, note-taking, marking, illustrating, or drawing. How does the user make the best use of Plus Pen 3000 Water Based Ink Color Felt Tip Pen since it has so many advantages? Let’s explore! First, for notebooks: The user can use the exquisite tip to write in all kinds of fonts smoothly without any disruption, creating his (her) own style. Second, for decorating diaries and planners: The user can record his (her) daily routine and life in all kinds of colors and have fun drawing! Third, for doodling and coloring: When drawing lines and diagrams, the user can create his (her) work at will with diverse colors to choose from. The product is best for the prevailing zentangle. Let’s express ourselves with Plus Pen 3000 Water Based Ink Color Felt Tip Pen! Add touches of colors to our life and draw a brilliant life!


Liberty LG-607 Glue Stick

A glue stick has been quite popular among office supplies for recent years. It is a must-have for almost everyone. The greatest advantage is that it is convenient and clean, without smearing the hands or having excessive glue like a common glue. Liberty LG-607 Glue Stick is not only super adhesive, but comes in three sizes 8g, 21g, and 36g. It is convenient for users to choose from. In addition, it can be spread evenly. With the round barrel rotation design, the glue stick is easy for the user to open its lid. Because of its round barrel design, it is also easy to rotate the glue out and spread to each place. With the semi-transparent tube, it is easy for the user to see the remaining volume. The glue stick is super adhesive and can be spread smoothly. It is toxic-free without smearing the hands. It can be used on general paper, crafts, photo albums, envelopes and other materials quickly and more lastingly. In comparison with solid glue (transparent and colorless), for different surfaces or repairing, Liberty Glue Stick is a good choice. Notice: Instructions: Rotate the glue out of the tube and spread it properly on the object for adhesion. Main ingredients: PVP, water Warnings: Please close the lid after using the blue to avoid it from getting dry. Avoid direct sun exposure or storing it at high temperature. Don’t swallow the glue.


Monami CTB Color Twin Brush

Monami CTB Color Twin Brush is able to present each stroke in styles and bright colors. It is great to sketch, draw, paint, doodle, write in English and Chinese with the pen. The product comes in three color systems, flower, forest and sea for 18 different colors. You can use the pen freely without difficulties. Color Twin Brush contains double-head water-based ink. The pointed nib presents two different widths. Write with greater force and use the thick brush to draw thick lines and write calligraphy. The user can use the thin brush to draw delicate lines. Besides, you can control the direction of the brush to create lines in different thicknesses and variation of color depth. You can also mix colors to create water color effect. Apply one of the brush to another one to mix colors, and you can see beautiful color gradient like water color. Advanced method: You can also mix colors on a palette or plastic film to blend beautiful gradient colors and paint on canvas freely. Turn the ink into beautiful background and express yourself with Monami Color Twin Brush. Don’t hesitate to try all kinds of colors. Use the brush in different thicknesses boldly and create different effects.


Liberty SR-C035R Mechanical Eraser Refill Pack

It is great today to choose refillable erasers because it is eco-friendly and safe. SR-C035R Refill is for SR-C035 Mechanical Eraser. 100% made in Japan, it is PCV-free, safe, toxic free and eco-friendly. Certified by CNS6856 and CE BN71-3, the product is also certified by R36770, Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection, M.O.E.A. SR-C035R Refill is in round shape, with 3.8mm in diameter. It is soft and won’t be broken easily. One pack contains three refills for replacement. It goes with SR-C035 Mechanical Eraser. SR-C035R Refill is user-friendly, eco-friendly, toxic free and safe. Such a great product, you should definitely own one!


Liberty SR-C035 Mechanical Eraser

Erasers of all kinds of shapes and colors in the market have the same weakness. After erasing, it produces a pile of eraser shavings. It is difficult to clean up all the shavings, but also ruins the user’s mood for writing. Liberty understands your feelings. SR-C035 Mechanical Eraser, made in Japan, has a barrel made of polypropylene. Without plasticizer affecting hormones (phthalates), the product passes CNS6856 standard examination, CE BN71-3, and R36770 by Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection, M.O.E.A. It is safe, toxic-free and eco-friendly. Improving traditional erasers, this product is in transparent pen shape. The user can see how much eraser is used. The slim mechanical eraser and refill are shaped like pencils. It is convenient to store the product. The transparent barrel able to be used repetitively manifests its quality with the white plastic eraser. The refill is in round shape, with 3.8mm in diameter. It is soft and won’t be broken easily. Just press the pen clip downward to release the eraser. When it needs refilling, open the pen clip to put in SR-C035R refill for replacement. It is easy and simple. The Mechanical Eraser is definitely the top choice for students or office workers requiring a large amount of writing on a daily basis.


Schneider 160082~83 Voice Fountain Pen Check Pattern

Classic check pattern is never out of fashion. German’s bestselling stationery Schneider newly releases Voice Fountain Pen, presenting check patterns in a new way. Using blue and purple colors as the basic color motifs respectively, the pen presents star-shape check patterns interwoven with colors. It looks elegant and lively, manifesting spectacular design style. As a work of selected German craftsmanship, Easy Fountain Pen Check Pattern has F nib and eco-friendly ink cartridge. The user can purchase ink cartridges for refills. Using the pen, the user can write clearly, smoothly and easily without difficulty. (S)he can fully show his (her) characteristic strokes fluently without disruption. It is the right choice if you are looking for a fountain pen to be carried around. It looks bright and is lightweight and user-friendly. The pen definitely catches people’s attention once you take it out. Each pen is packaged in a hexagonal box. It is great to buy one for personal use and as a gift to show your sincerity.


Schneider 162084-5 Easy Fountain Pen for Men

A fountain pen not only presents one’s taste but also one’s demand on writing. Schneider Fountain Pen for Men looks simple and spectacular. With black background and bright blue/green patterns, the pen looks both profound and lively. It is well-received once it is released. Packed in a hexagonal carton, the pen is suitable to be a gift and for one’s own use. Easy Fountain Pen for Men contains F nib and eco-friendly ink cartridge able to refill ink anytime. The user can write clearly, smoothly and easily, showing his (her) unique fonts. The pen is a selected work of German craftsmanship. What do you want to buy as a gift on Father’s Day or on a male friend’s birthday? Easy Fountain Pen for Men would be a right choice.


Liberty W-008 Q Be Angel Washable Marker

Q Be Angel, the most popular Liberty series among parents and children, releases a new marker series again. With Washable Markers, parents do not have to be afraid that the paint on their children cannot be removed. Liberty Q Be Angel Washable Marker meets the safety standards of EU EN1-3, EN-71-9 and US ASTM-F963-11. With the cone-shaped tip, the user can change the thickness of the strokes with the angles of the tip. One pen has multiple purposes. It is easy to draw lines and color. With the fixed tip, the tip won’t shrink inward. Besides, it is wear resistant and won’t get distorted easily. The user can draw more easily and freely. Children can draw on glass, tiles, plastic, refrigerator doors, and other smooth surfaces. Just wipe it with wet cloth or wet sponge gently to clean out up. They can make everywhere at home a canvas and be creative everywhere! What parents worry about the most is that children might accidentally stain their clothes, which is not removable. Made of washable ingredients, the paint can be cleaned up easily on clothes. The ink is made of imported dye. It is safe and toxic free. Parents can feel assured for the product. With anti-bacterial materials, parents can feel extra safe because bacteria won’t breed easily in the marker. The colors are bright while the strokes are smooth and silky. Coming in two specifications (12/24 colors), the product is a required tool for children when they make artwork and doodle. Liberty W-008 Q Be Angel Washable Marker is the top choice for parents when they prepare drawing tools for their children before the school begins. In addition, it is safe, reliable, and a great bargain!


Zebra B3SAZ15 ZX3C+S Multi-Purpose Ballpoint Pen

Those preferring simplicity shall never miss the new Japan Zebra B3SAZ15 ZX3C+S Multi-Purpose Ballpoint Pen contains three colors of ballpoint pens and a 0.5mm mechanical pencil. It covers almost all the writing purposes on a daily basis. Its smooth and mild look and calming flat luster enhance the product’s quality vastly. B3SAZ15 ZX3C+S Multi-purpose Ballpoint Pen releases refills by pressing. The refill uses soft ink UK-0.7mm. Coming in black, blue and red, it can be written smoothly and easily. With a 0.5mm mechanical pencil, the refill can be used by pressing. It is quick and convenient. The user does not have to take many pens with him (her) inconveniently. The barrel comes in five colors, flat black, flat blue, flat pink, flat white, and flat gold, etc. In matte metallic luster, it is in understated luxury. The grip is anti-skid. With a multi-purpose metal pen clip, the user can clip the pen on the pocket, planner, notebook, folder, etc. The pen is the most suitable for a businessperson to carry around. If you like using multi-purpose pens, please don’t miss this beautiful ballpoint pen! It feels good in hand, can be carried around easily and written smoothly.


Liberty CB-183 Triangular Line Paint Head Pearl-Luster Pencil

Let’s start a new year with the pastel spring! Liberty releases new pastel colors for the spring of 2019. The colors seemingly covered with a layer of veil are filled with the atmosphere of spring. It is touching to see such romantic pastel colors. The series of products are competitive in colors and packages. They have been lovable since they were released. Young girls, in particular, would gather their friends to buy the product together and collect all the colors of the series, welcoming the pink world of the spring. The pearl-luster pencil looks eye-catching from its appearance. Inside the box are triangular pencils feeling good in hand and able to be written easily. The barrels of the series are dotted with oval silver foil, showing different light refraction as the pencil is moving when the user is writing. The series of pencils contains six soft pastel colors of barrels (pastel green, pastel yellow, baby blue, pink, peach, lavender). They are as pink as the spring. The user can write down the colorful times of each day. The triangular line paint head pearl-luster pencil contains medium HB refill. It is the most suitable for writing on the daily basis. The product also passes European CE standards, EU EN71-3 heavy metal toxicity test and US ASTM-D4236 certification. Its safety is relatively assured. It is a trustworthy product.


Max Quick-Dry Ink Paste Refill Oil

Those stamping often, please pay attention! Here, we recommend a great product for you: Max Quick Dry Ink Paste Refill Oil. In 18ml small bottle package, the ink oil is made of the same materials as the quick dry ink paste. Made of ultra fine grain materials and oil-based ink, the ink oil is in bright and saturated red. It dries instantly in 3 seconds when it is used for stamping. It won’t smear other objects either. In plastic bottle, the ink oil will flow out slowly when the user squeezes the bottle. It is small and does not take too much space. It is convenient to carry it around. Used under normal circumstances, it does not contain heavy metals, is odor free, and does not pollute and environment. The product really supports environmental protection movements. For the real product, please identify Max trademark (distributed by Liberty). Its quality is assured.


Max Square No.3 Quick-Dry Ink Paste

Those writing calligraphy and painting Chinese painting often would definitely know that they should stamp their signature seal at the end of their signature. For professional calligraphers or artists in seal cutting, it is important to choose and use the right ink paste. The quality of ink paste also determines the result of a work. The user might collect rubber seals of all kinds of sizes. If the ink paste is in poor quality, the user might need to stamp repetitively. Yet good ink paste would solve these troublesome problems. Liberty newly releases Max Square No.3 Quick-Dry Ink Paste. The W105*D63mm large quick-dry ink paste can be used in election, campaigns, stamp collecting, rubber seals, agency seal, and important documents, etc. It dries quickly in 3 seconds without smearing the hands. The Japanese experiment proves that with the lid off for a long time, the ink won’t get dry soon (At around 40 degrees, after a week, more than 95% of the ink remains). The ink oil is made of ultra fine grain materials and oil-based ink. Its color is bright and saturated. The details of the seal would look clear. The user does not have to stamp it again and again. 【Tips】 Is the ink paste out of ink, and does the stamp often look ugly? Do you want to stamp neatly on the check and official document? We will teach you some tips for stamping. First rub the surface of paper or official document, check gently with a wet wipe. Then moisten the seal with ink paste. The stamp will look clear and neat. We recommend you to use try this great advice.


Max Quick-Dry Ink Paste

Generally speaking, we don’t use ink paste very often, but when we need it, we need it urgently. Therefore, ink paste is a required stationery at home and office. Good ink paste requires several advantages: 1. bright color; 2. not harmful to the seal; 3. dry quickly without smearing other paper; and lasting and durable, etc. Liberty Ink Paste is classic, durable, and lasting. It has been a long time! Liberty recently introduced Japan Max Premium Quick-Dry Ink Paste in two sizes No.50 (SA-5004 PS) and No.60 (SA-6004 PS) for consumers. The simple round and black look with premium smooth paint. The surface is printed with Max trademark logo. The plate is in two sizes, 54mm and 63mm in diameter. The product is suitable for general family and office seals and small stamps. In comparison with common ink paste, Max ink paste dries rapidly in 3 seconds when used on 64g paper. That by other common ink paste would need blowing dry. It greatly saves the working time for stamping. Besides, the ink oil is made of ultra fine grain materials and oil-based ink. Its color is bright and saturated. Used for a long time with the lid opened, it won’t get dried easily. (At around 40 degrees, after a week, more than 95% of the ink remains). The paste is under multiple layers. It is lasting and durable. Don’t worry if the ink paste is out of ink. Max Quick-Dry Ink Paste Refill Oil can refill SA-18P (Its volume is 18ml). Used under normal circumstances, the product does not have heavy metals, is odor free, and won’t pollute the environment. Liberty protects the Earth. Action speaks louder than words. The product with so many advantages is worth having.


Zebra WFSS7 Brush Pen

Now doodling and hand drawing are prevailing. Printed cards, post cards and planners are not enough. Those with one’s own hand drawing show more sincerity. WFSS7 Brush Pen newly released by Zebra not only looks refreshing and cute but has an elastic pen tip to make the variation of lines more interesting and richer. The user can get the hang of it no matter (s)he writes artistic words, does handwriting, writes English calligraphy, paints, doodles, draws with a pattern template or colors. The brush pen uses water-based ink, coming in eight cute colors: pink, red, orange, green, light blue, purple, gray, and black. The colors and gentle and childlike. The strokes can go from thick to thin freely. Among the colors, the black ink is waterproof. The notes you take won’t be smeared by sweat, tear, rain or mineral water. The most amazing is that the brush pen is very affordable. With a little investment, you can open infinite imagination for colors. Your planner can look colorful and eye-catching every day.


Liberty 915F Eco-friendly Marker

An office worker and a member of all kinds of clubs might need to paint a poster often. Without the training of point of purchase writing, 915F Medium Bullet Tip Eco-Friendly Marker will be the best choice. It is easy like writing with a common pen. The 915F tip is elastic and does not get distorted easily. Its barrel is made of aluminum. The ink comes out evenly. The width of the stroke: 2mm. It is lasting and durable. It won’t show coarse edge and fork and blank in its strokes after being written for only a couple of times. 915F marker uses eco-friendly alcohol-based ink. It is toxic-free, odorless, waterproof and dries fast. It can also be written in all kinds of solid surfaces and keeps the tip humid for a longer period of time. It is very amazing. It is worth mentioning that the ink is certified by CE, passing the eight element, As, Ba, Cd, Cr, Hg, Pb, Sb, Se dissolution and transference test, and passing ASTM4236. As for environmental protection, the product meets RoHS. It is suitable to be used as a production tool meeting control. Besides, it is certified by USO14001. Each certification is internationally-recognized. Wow, it is very fierce! The user cannot do without this holy tool no matter (s)he is in a store, at an office or school. Those using markers massively do not have to worry either. To be eco-friendly, Liberty also releases 915-33R Alcohol-Based Marker Refill, in four colors, black, blue, red, and green. Besides, it is easy and convenient to fill ink into the marker. Just open the tip and adequately add ink to the ink cotton in the barrel in little quantity and in several times. It is NT$60/bottle. It is not only eco-friendly, but also considerately economical.


Liberty 915B Eco-Friendly Marker

As those painting point of purchase and posters know, using chisel markers present neat strokes and the most variable and stylish fonts. However, the user would worry that the tips might not be durable and get distorted before long. The newly released Liberty 915B Chisel Eco-Friendly Marker has aluminum barrel and tip with vivid angle. It does not get distorted easily and is very elastic. The product is perfect and more durable and lasting. The marker uses eco-friendly alcohol-based ink, certified by CE, passing the eight element, As, Ba, Cd, Cr, Hg, Pb, Sb, Se dissolution and transference test, and passing ASTM4236. As for environmental protection, the product meets RoHS. It is suitable to be used as a production tool meeting control. Besides, it is certified by USO14001. Each certification is internationally-recognized. The eco-friendly ink is not only free from pungent odor, as professionals care about the most, but is also toxic-free, water-proof, dries fast, and its tip can be kept humid for a longer period of time. It can be written evenly in bright colors on whatever solid surface. With so many advantages, the user can no longer use other kinds of markers once (s)he uses this marker. In addition, Liberty releases 915-33R Alcohol-Based Marker Refill at the same time. Coming in four colors, black, blue, red and green, each bottle is NT$60. Liberty shows its sincerity to promote environmental protection and money-saving. Moreover, it is easy and convenient to fill ink into the marker. Just open the tip and adequately add ink to the ink cotton in the barrel in little quantity and in several times.


Zebra P-B2SA85 DelGuard+2C (Multi-Purpose Ultra Smooth Ballpoint Pen 0.7)

What is a good and creative idea? That would be 1 plus 1 being more than 2. The newly released Multi-Purpose Ultra Smooth Ballpoint Pen combines the publically recognized ultra smooth ballpoint pen with the novel Delguard unbreakable mechanical pencil technology. The multi-purpose double-color ultra smooth pen with unbreakable mechanical pencil is proudly released! Most people have used mechanical pencils. With such a thin refill, it will be broken when the user writes carelessly or with improper force. It would even break into pieces. It is difficult to write with such a pen. How can the refill in a mechanical pencil be unbreakable? The innovative DelGuard is an extremely exquisite mechanical design. With a spring in the barrel, it protects the refill vertically, effectively absorbing the pressure of the pen tip and preventing fraction when the refill retracts. The spring at the pen tip can protect the refill obliquely, effectively absorbing the pressure of the pen tip and preventing the refill from breaking when it is pushed out. With vertical and oblique protection, the refill won’t be broken easily no matter the user writes rapidly or hard. It also effectively prevents annoying refill jamming problem. Previously, DelGuard Unbreakable Mechanical Pencil is released singly. Now, it is combined with the red and black Ultra Smooth Ballpoint Pen in one barrel. With the limited space, it is difficult to overcome the technical problems. The structure of DelGuard is minimalized, protecting the refill vertically and obliquely and significantly enhancing the stability of writing. DelGuard+2C Multi-purpose Ultra Smooth Ballpoint Pen contains red and black EK-0.7mm ultra smooth ballpoint pen refills and DelGuard Unbreakable Mechanical Pencil (for 0.5mm lead). Its barrel comes in black, blue, red and white glowing with metallic luster. With the ergonomic rubber grip and DelGuard Logo, shown only when the user presses the mechanical pencil. The product fully displays the great design taste and unlimited positive energy!


Liberty CB-177~182 24 Solar Terms Winter Pencil

Winter is the cleanest season in a year. It is freezing, but shows moving scenery. The solar terms in winter contains Start of Winter, Minor Snow, Major Snow, Winter Solstice, Minor Cold, Major Cold. In a second, a year will pass. Let’s review the good memories of this year! Liberty 24 Solar Terms Pencil contains the themes of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The Winter solar terms include the design of 6 exquisite patterns with beautiful poems regarding Start of Winter, Minor Snow, Major Snow, Winter Solstice, Minor Cold, Major Cold. The product fully displays the atmosphere of the solar terms in winter. The poems include the poem written by the celebrity in Southern Song Dynasty Qian Shi on Start of Winter, “It frosted last night, With the chilly air, the cotton coat and cover looked bare. The red leaves in the tree were falling, covering the steps. The west wind blew the plants in the garden away. Only chrysanthemums still blossomed brightly, Without failing the passing autumn.” Its title, “Feelings on Frost and Chrysanthemums the Day before the Start of Winter” fits the contents perfectly. Dai Shu-lu in Tang Dynasty writes, “I would never feel tired of looking at the flying snow, if more, I would rather miss the mountain scenes. While I was studying at the window, Pieces of coldness were flying by.” The poem fully depicts the poetic feelings of snow falling. Besides, the famous poet in Northern Song Dynasty Su Shi’s “Visiting Alone the Temple of Auspicious Fortune on Winter Solstice” describes what the poet saw and felt when visiting the Temple of Auspicious Fortune on Winter Solstice: “In the depth of the well warmth has not yet come back, Showers of cold rain have wetted withered grass root. No one would come to visit the Temple for there lack Flowers in full bloom, but alone I come on foot.” The poem can be regarded as a travelogue worth being handed down from generation to generation. In addition, Gao Pian’s “On Snow,” Chen Yu-yi’s “Poems on Getting Drunk at Dou Garden,” and Li Guang’s “With Neighbors Several Nights in a Row on Major Cold” vividly renders the winter solar terms, Start of Winter, Minor Snow, Major Snow, Winter Solstice, Minor Cold, and Major Cold. The product is worth collecting. Isn’t it romantic to hold the pencil with the most glamorous and picturesque winter scenes in hand? Please put it in your cart immediately!


Liberty CB-184~189 24 Solar Terms Spring Pencil

After Chinese New Year, spring is coming. It is an amazingly wonderful season as well as the time best for a new beginning! In spring, “Behind bamboo two or three sprays of peach-tree grow, When spring has warmed the stream, ducks are the first to know. The land overrun by weeds and water studded with reeds, It is time when globefish to swim upstream precedes.” The poem describes the picturesque scenery in spring in ancient period of time. In spring between February and end of April, the changing season contains the climatic changes of Start of Spring, Rain Water, Awakening of Insects, Vernal Equinox, Clear and Bright, and Grain Rain. In spring, it is mild with sufficient rain. For farmers, it is a good season to transplant rice shoots and sow. They sow the seeds of hope and look forward to the great harvest in the future. For life, spring is like an energetic adolescent. It is the most energetic age and the most hopeful time. You can timely write down your hope. Cherish your youth. When you are young, you should work hard to make yourself better both academically and morally and prepare yourself for the future. If you cannot seize the beautiful time, spring goes by very fast! With the Spring Pencil in hand, you would particularly feel the special time. The features of Liberty 24 Solar Terms Spring Pencil: The pencil is printed with the date and longitude of each solar term. For example, Start of Spring is during 2/3-5, 315゚ in ecliptic longitude; Rain Water is during 2./18-20, 330゚ in ecliptic longitude; Awakening of Insects is during 3/5-7, 345゚ in ecliptic longitude; Vernal Equinox is during 3/20-22, 0 ゚ in ecliptic longitude; Clear and Bright is during 4/4-6, 15゚ in ecliptic longitude; Grain Rain is during 4/19-21, 30゚ in ecliptic longitude. The pencil is also printed with beautiful and colorful images representing the solar term, fully showing the beauty of Chinese culture. Besides, the pencil uses 2B lead, anti-bacterial and toxic-free paint, and hexagonal barrel. It is suitable for both adults and children. Most importantly, it is made in Taiwan, with great quality assured. Liberty CB-184~189 24 Solar Terms Spring Pencil is both great for collecting and giving friends and relatives as a gift. We expect you to write down your new year’s resolution and start the spring of a year.


Liberty CB-190~195 24 Solar Terms Summer Pencil 2B

In summer, the sky is clear and glittering. The day is long and the night is short. The weather is mild. It is a season when everything grows vigorously. In the nature filled with beautiful green, every being is full of life and changes lively. The change and alternation of weathers in the season (start of summer, grain full, grain in ear, summer solstice, minor heat, major heat) are brilliant. This season is also the happiest for students and office workers. In the hot summer, they can have fun at will and experience the holidays under different weathers. They might as well write down their feelings and stories with the summer pencil and leave tons of memories for the future. 24 Solar Terms 2B hexagonal pencils, a series of season products newly developed by Liberty have anti-bacterial and toxic free paint over the barrel and hexagonal basswood barrel. Made in Taiwan with quality assured, Liberty releases 24 Solar Terms Summer Classic version in limited edition. Each pencil is printed with different styles of pictures according to the climatic change. For example, the most representative animals in summer, such as dragonflies, frogs, cicadas, fireflies, etc. are printed in rich colors. The pencils are popular among children and collectors. Please don’t miss them!


Liberty SRP-01 Magic Wand (for stain removing)

It’s a Murphy’s Law. Whenever you have spaghetti, coffee, or ice cream, you will stain your clothes. To break “Murphy’s” spell, the only thing you need is to carry Liberty Magic Wand with you. Instantly, it removes the stain away. You don’t need to leave your date embarrassingly or reluctantly throw the dirty but your favorite clothes away! Liberty Magic Wand is an excellent tool to remove the stain on your clothes away. It is super powerful and user-friendly. It only takes three easy steps: 1. Wipe the stain with a napkin. 2. Smear the stain with Magic Wand. 3. Set aside for 10 minutes and rub it clean. Your good mood during a date will not be ruined by food. Don’t leave irrecoverably bad impression on your date, Liberty Magic Wand comes in mint green and hot pink. It is a great bargain. Carry it with you, and don’t get worried about staining your clothes! Liberty SRP-01 Magic Wand (Stain Remover) is such a superb product that first comes first served. Giving you the firsthand news, Liberty won’t keep the great product secretly by itself.


Monami Live Color DIY

Different from other pens, MONAMI Live Color DIY Pen replaces refills by rotating the chosen pen tip into both sides of the barrel. The barrel comes in three pop style patterns. The user can choose the one (s)he prefers. The pen tip comes in four types: bullet tip markers 12 colors, chisel tip highlighters 12 colors, fine sharpies 12 colors, ballpoint pens 3 colors (0.4mm). The barrel is NT$10 while the tip is NT$20. The user of MONAMI Live Color DIY Pen can replace tips in diverse macaron pastel colors and low-viscosity-oil-based-ink ballpoint pen. All these pens can be written smoothly and in various layers. Your words are included in the picture and your picture contains words. You can easily complete your bullet journal, planner and diary. When taking the pen out in class, you can easily study and highlight key points with this one pen. Live Color DIY Pen is not only refreshing but is very lovable.


Liberty W-005~007 Q Be Angel Marker

Liberty W-005-007 Q Be Angel Marker comes in 12, 24, and 36 colors. It is a good partner for drawing and note-taking. Different from traditional markers, Q Be Angel Marker has longer barrel, 14cm. Simulating common users’ writing habit, it is more ergonomic and contains more ink storage volume. Its tip is 5mm bullet tip. In 1mm wide, the tip presents bright and beautiful colors. The pen comes in many colors customized for you. No matter for general purposes or professional graphic design, or poster drawing, both adults and children can use the marker easily. The product is in exquisite package, contains rich colors and is convenient to be carried around. It is different from traditional markers packed in large and heavy packages. The package of W-005-007 Q Be Angel Marker is printed with Q Be Family, popular among children: Space exploration, treasure-hunting in the desert, flying in the theme park. Both adults and children can be in the scene and realize their creativity at will. Liberty W-005-007 Q Be Angel Marker is safe and toxic free, meeting Europe CE standards and US ASTM-D4236 certification. Its quality is well guaranteed. Liberty guards children’s health.


Zebra JJXZ58 SARASA ST1 0.38 Rollerball

Stationery fans loving Zebra SARASA Rollerball will have more choices! Zebra SARASA ST-1 0. 38 Eco-friendly Rollerball comes in 8 colors. Besides basic black, blue and red, it comes in bright and beautiful colors including dark blue, light blue, light green, orange, and pink. The user can take notes, draw illustrations, and color at will and freely. Zebra SARASA ST-1 0. 38 Eco-friendly Rollerball uses water-based ink. It can be written smoothly, lastingly and more durably. In addition, it is light proof and waterproof. Also, its refill is 0. 38mm with more diverse choices and satisfying people’s needs for writing. In plain white barrel with semi-transparent candy colors, the pen looks simple and elegant. The pen contains thoughtfully designed unique transparent window. It is convenient for users to observe the volume of the ink. With a cap, the pen prevents ink from volatilizing and smearing clothes and bags as well as protecting the nib. Zebra SARASA ST-1 0. 38 Eco-friendly Rollerball is not only in adequate thickness, but comes in various colors, black, blue, red and dark blue. Its refill is replaceable


Zebra JJXZ15W SARASA Clip 0. 38 Rollerball

Zebra SARASA Clip Rollerball always knows people’s needs for writing. It not only keeps releasing new colors but this time, it releases new specification in the refill’s diameter. SARASA CLIP 0.38 Eco-friendly Rollerball comes in more colors and more choices. Those enjoying hand-writing can write more freely in more diverse styles. SARASA CLIP 0.38 Eco-friendly Rollerball uses water-based ink in bright colors. The ink comes out smoothly so that you can write cleanly and neatly. It is also light proof and waterproof. Its barrel is white with jelly colors in cute and glamorous style. Besides, with a silicon grip, the user will feel comfortable. The pen contains a multi-functional clip able to be clipped onto documents of all kinds of thickness. It is convenient to carry the pen around without loosening. The pen comes in 8 colors, black, dark blue, blue, light blue, light green, orange, pink, and red in 0.38mm diameter. It is suitable for office work, taking notes, illustrations, and coloring. The black, blue, red and dark blue ones have replaceable refills.


Schneider Ray Fountain Pen

It is the most embarrassing if a pen can’t be written especially at an important occasion such as contract signing. An accident might cause the loss of a great transaction. Of course no one wants to encounter such a regretful moment. Ray Fountain Pen is in fashionable and professional style. It looks both simple and in excellent quality with beautiful geometric lines. The nib is made of iridium and covered with stainless steel. The ergonomic triangular rubber grip is modern, meets the needs in life and for sports. The user can write more comfortably and smoothly, enjoying the fun of writing Inheriting the principle of the brand, Ray Fountain Pen is made of eco-friendly and toxic free plastics. Its barrel comes in two types, dark blue/light gray and white/dark gray. It is in European F nib. Packed in premium gift box, the pen is a good choice for a gift.


Liberty CC-865 Erasable Color Pencil 24 Colors

CC-865 24 Color Erasable Color Pencil, the latest product released by Liberty has classic hexagonal barrel. It feels comfortable in hands and won’t fall off from the desk easily even when placed casually. The clean and neat barrel and foil stamping, the pen looks in better quality. The Erasable Color Pencil, having the characteristics of previous color pencils, can easily presents delicate lines with its sharpened pen tip. The colors are bright and saturated. The product comes in two packages, 12 colors and 24 colors for consumers to choose from. With the transparent blue case, the user can clearly see all the colors (s)he wants. Different from common color pencils, the Erasable Color Pencil is erasable. The user cannot only revise his(her) drawing, but also use the pencil to highlight key points during studying or practice math and for other different purposes. With both the advantages of color pencils and pencils, the user can easily erase the strokes by using ordinary erasers. It is convenient to write with the color pencils. Besides, the user can change colors according to his(her) needs and moods. The product is particularly suitable for users at school and working on accounting. The user can erase and correct by marking. Just erase and use.


Liberty CC-864 Erasable Color Pencil 12 Colors

CC-864 12 Color Erasable Color Pencil, the latest product released by Liberty has classic hexagonal barrel. It feels comfortable in hands and won’t fall off from the desk easily even when placed casually. The clean and neat barrel and foil stamping, the pen looks in better quality. The Erasable Color Pencil, having the characteristics of previous color pencils, can easily presents delicate lines with its sharpened pen tip. The colors are bright and saturated. The product comes in two packages, 12 colors and 24 colors for consumers to choose from. With the transparent blue case, the user can clearly see all the colors (s)he wants. Different from common color pencils, the Erasable Color Pencil is erasable. The user cannot only revise his(her) drawing, but also use the pencil to highlight key points during studying or practice math and for other different purposes. With both the advantages of color pencils and pencils, the user can easily erase the strokes by using ordinary erasers. It is convenient to write with the color pencils. Besides, the user can change colors according to his(her) needs and moods. The product is particularly suitable for users at school and working on accounting. The user can erase and correct by marking. Just erase and use.


Libery CB-175 Q-Be Angel Triangular Pencil

Q Be Angel Triangular Paint Head Pencil, newly released by Liberty, is in triangular barrel, suitable for preschooler and first and second graders. The pencil helps them train their hand muscles and learn how to use a pencil correctly. Its refill is 2B, in adequate hardness and ink color. The user can easily deal with either daily writing or tests. The unique pearly luster sets off the overall streamline barrel. Besides, the pencil is anti-bacterial, meeting European CE standards and certified by US ASTM-D4236. Its quality is guaranteed, protecting children’s health. The yellow carton and barrel are printed with the Q Be Angel family figures, including Q Be Angel, Glue Bunny, Rubber Dog, Marker Cat, Ink Bear and Rubber Mouse. They are very cute and lovely. In addition, the back of the carton contains a message board. The user can record what (s)he wants to say anytime. The product is great both as a gift and for one’s own enjoyment.


Liberty CB-169-174 24 Solar Terms Autumn Pencil

The 24 Solar Terms Autumn Pencil by Liberty is made in Taiwan and undergoes anti-bacterial process. With 2B refill of adequate softness, the pencil can be used easily for daily writing and during an exam. The pencil is combined with Chinese 24 solar terms, showing each moment in autumn: Start of Autumn: With the start of autumn, the temperature gradually drops. With the ancient poem “Start of Autumn” and the yellow maples in autumn as the basic element, the pencil embodies the scene when baby ducks are hungry for food. End of Heat: As the symbol of getting chilly, it represents the end of summer. With the ancient poem “End of Heat” and the sky blue and crops as the background, the pencil indicates the scene when crops are harvested. White Dew: When it gets chilly, dew will form on the ground. The dew in the morning increases as well. With the ancient poem “Withering Lotus” and the pink lotus and green seedpods as the basic element, the pencil shows how people feel in autumn. Autumnal Equinox: Because the sun directly shines at the Equator, the length of the day and that of the night are the same. With the ancient poem “Autumn Poem” and mountains and cranes, the pencil presents that every being lives although it is autumn. Cold Dew: It gets colder, the autumn is as chilly as water. The cold dew condenses. With the ancient poem “Withering Lotus and Wagtails” and the withering lotus and wagtails in purple background, the pencil manifests the chilliness of autumn. Frost: It gets cold and starts frosting. With the ancient poem “Trip to Mountain” in the red background, the pencil depicts a moving picture of the autumn scene in the mountain. 24 Solar Terms Autumn Pencil Is suitable for the one afar. This autumn, I would like to give you a box of pencil to write down my care filled in my heart.


Monami NPF-001 Oil-Based Fine Marker

Do you have various kinds of tools and properties to mark? NPF-001 Oil-Based Fine Marker is your best partner! For office workers in particular, they need to save files in a CD every time they close a case. They need to write down the name and time of the case and the name of the one in charge of the case to get the work done. However, to write down so much information on the limited surface of a CD and to keep the words lasting long after constant picking up and down, the user would need an NPF-001 Oil-Based Fine Marker’s help. The secret of NPF-001 Oil-Based Fine Marker lies in its excellent quality oil-based ink. It dries quickly and is waterproof. Able to be used in all kinds of solid surface, it is strongly adhesive without getting blurred easily. The oil-based ink comes in three commonly used colors, red, blue and black. The colors are bright, saturated and clear. With the fine 1mm round point pen point, the user can write clearly and delicately. No matter how long the case name and how much information the coding is, the user would not be afraid of getting the words blurred and unidentifiable.


Liberty Super Cover Correction Tape

Oops, an error! A correction tape comes to rescue. It is not a new product, LC-008 Correction Tape knows how to develop itself with the time. LC-008 Correction Tape keeps improving itself. An elastic protection lid is added to protect the tape from being harmed. Moreover, its lightweight body contains replaceable refill. It is user-friendly and convenient. It makes environmental protection easier. As for the key point of a correction tape—to cover errors, it keeps reinforcing its power to cover up with the goal of “ultimate covering up.” The specification of the correction tape is in 5mm wide, suitable to cover medium fonts. In up to 6 meters long, it is more durable and has longer service life. To cover errors more precisely and better, the head of the correction tape is movable, able to go up and down along the surface so that the correction tape can cover the designated part more fittingly and precisely.


Liberty WRM VX210 Plier Stapler

Do assistants and teaching assistants worry about binding a large pile of documents. With WRM 210 Plier Stapler, you don’t have to worry have bruising your palm when using a stapler. It can bind 20 pieces of paper at a time in maximum. It is very convenient. The plier shape of WRM 210 Plier Stapler makes binding more ergonomic. You can complete large amount of binding as easily as using a plier. If you are still used to bind documents by pressing them on the table, the stapler is also very stable. Besides, you don’t have to pull it open with difficulties when loading staples. Just pinch it with two fingers and draw it out gently to load staples easily. Afterward, just push the spring leverage back to the stapler tray. The depth of the binding is up to 3 cm while its binding distance is adjustable. Applicable staples: To fully realize the functions of the stapler, please use WRM staples (No. 10-1M, No.10-2M).


Max Heavy-Duty Punch DP-200

Are you still troubled by creating holes and filing the heavyweight documents, proposals, files, papers and manuscripts? The Max DP-200 Desktop Powerful Hole Puncher designed with the human factors get evolved in terms of the function of a hole puncher. It not only is lighter in both size and weight but also can create a hole on 200 sheets of copy papers. The administrative personnel and assistants thus can work easily and conveniently—since they finish the tedious and tiring task of hole punching on the heavyweight documents at a time rather than repeating the same motion for many times. The DP-220 design adheres to the principle of safety, briefness and easy operation. For example, the users can punch a hole on 200 sheets of paper by gently pressing down the large and comfortable handle and enhance of stability of hole creating by adjusting the support paper frame according to the width of the papers. The drawer-like crumb collection box allows the users to clean the paper crumbs conveniently and fast. With the complimentary 4 exclusive blades and 6 pads, the Hole Puncher is sweetly and generously designed!


Liberty SP-004 Adjustable Metal Pencil Sharpener

Are you always impatient and do you even want to save the time of sharpening a pencil? Are you too clumsy to sharpen a pencil and does it keep broken no matter how much time you sharpen it? Choose Liberty SP-004 Adjustable Metal Pencil Sharpener, and you can study and work more efficiently. Equipped with multiple adjustable levels from the sharpest to the bluntest, the sharpener provides five different levels of sharpness for sharpening a pencil. The user can freely adjust the sharpness of the pencil based on the needs. It is suitable for all students, parents, business, and offices for writing and drawing. The sharpener can sharpen barrels of various looks. It is applicable for round, hexagonal, triangular barrels and barrel sizes from 7.6mm to 10mm. With the safe broken refill removing design, the user can just press the black button on the rolling knife shaft to remove it easily. The rolling knife does not need to be removed. It is simple and safe. Its classic look with four different colors, blue, white, light green, and red looks elegant and retro, making the desk look more beautiful.


Max- HD-55FL/GL Stapler

The office is like a battlefield. Do you keep losing ground because you do not have a handy tool in the invasion of file armies? Never look down upon the power of the office tools. Using a good tool right can be more efficient and gain better results with less work. MAX HD-55FL Stapler is both effort-saving and powerful. With the advantages of flat stapler design, streamline shape and rubber surface, the stapler is more comfortable in hand. Designed for binding of thick stacks of paper, the stapler can staple 40 pieces of 70gsm paper once and 35 pieces of 80gsm paper in maximum. It is specifically designed for thick paper. With the capacity of loading 100 staples in the large backup staple storage tank, the product is able to process tons of meeting files. Those needing to prepare a large number of documents and files frequently definitely have to own this great stapler!


Max- HD-10XS Mini Stapler

The Mini Finger Stapler is designed with a handy shape and bold colors. The big bottom of azure, lemon yellow or hot pink against the black grounding is not only practical but also fashionable and youthful. The eye-catching, colorful bottom as a beautiful device also functions powerfully! By pushing gently and upwardly, you can close the body of the stapler and reduce the size of the machine to store it in your portable pencil bag. For loading the stapler, you can open the machine by pressing the bottom and press back the machine after putting the staples in. It is easy and convenient to operate. Even though the Mini Finger Stapler looks like a tool, do not underestimate it. It that can fast 10 sheets of 70gsm copy papers at a time is not inferior to any other staplers!


Zebra B3AZ15 ZX3C Three-Color Ballpoint Pen

Do you have trouble finding a pen when you are away from home? B3AZ15 Triple Color Ballpoint Pen, newly released by the major Japanese Company Zebra, including black, blue and red refills, is suitable to be carried around. It is convenient for note taking, meeting minutes, schedule planning, etc. With a pen of multiple colors with you, you can organize your data more efficiently. The pen head is attached with a multi-purpose pen clip. Able to be inserted in a journal, notebook or pocket of your shirt, it is convenient to be carried around for a meeting or away for other purposes. The triple color ballpoint pen with soft ink contains 0.7mm refills. In adequate thickness, it is replaceable individually. The barrel comes in five colors, black, blue, pink, white and gold. Painted with metallic colors, the barrel feels steady in hand. The pen is suitable for business people seeking for good quality. The black, blue and red ink is soft ink. It is written smoothly in bright and rich colors. The user can write smoothly all the way. The indented part at the grip prevents slippery. The pen feels good in hand and can be written easily.


Zebra P-MA85-K2 DelGuard DelGuard Mechanical Pencil(Kumamon II)

The super popular city mascot—Kumamon attracts numerous fans because it is naturally cute and silly. Zebra especially combines the innovative DelGuard with the killing limited edition “Kumamon II” Unbreakable Refill Mechanical Pencil. With the cute Kumamon head, round eyes and blushes on both cheeks, the pencil is really lovable. The secret of the “unbreakable refill” mechanical pencil lies in the innovative DelGuard mechanism. The additional spring in the barrel, which protects the refill vertically, effectively absorbs the pressure from the pen point and prevents fraction caused by the refraction of the refill. The spring installed in the point of the barrel protects the refill horizontally, preventing fraction when the refill is pushed out. With double protection by the vertical and horizontal springs at both ends, the annoying problem of jamming caused by broken refills dissolves. No matter you write rapidly or hard, you don’t have to worry that the refill will break easily! The mechanical pencil is suitable for 0.5mm refill. Its barrel comes in 6 bright colors: fashionable black, noble gold, naive white, lively blue, refreshing green and hot pink, all of which are filled with energy of cuteness.


Zebra P-MA85-CR DelGuard Mechanical Pencil(Hokkaido)

When you travel in Japan, the most irresistible is “exclusive edition.” You will feel regretful if you don’t buy it. Now Zebra combines the latest DelGuard design and Hokkaido style, releasing “Hokkaido exclusive edition” Unbreakable Refill Mechanical Pencil. Stationery fans would not be able to leave without having the “exclusive” product. The secret of the “unbreakable refill” mechanical pencil lies in the innovative DelGuard mechanism. The additional spring in the barrel, which protects the refill vertically, effectively absorbs the pressure from the pen point and prevents fraction caused by the refraction of the refill. The spring installed in the point of the barrel protects the refill horizontally, preventing fraction when the refill is pushed out. With double protection by the vertical and horizontal springs at both ends, the annoying problem of jamming caused by broken refills dissolves. No matter you write rapidly or hard, you don’t have to worry that the refill will break easily! Since it is a Hokkaido exclusive edition, its barrel specially comes in six colors that can fully present the nature and atmosphere in Hokkaido: snow white, light green, light blue, pink, blue and black. The map of Hokkaido printed on the white barrel is sky blue, that on the other barrels is silver. The design manifests the spirit of Hokkaido limited edition. The mechanical pencil is suitable for 0.5mm refill.


Zebra P-WYT17 Water Eraserable Double-Head Marker

Do you need to correct the time information in a freshly-made activity poster? Or, the POP characters that have just been written need to be corrected into On Sale? No problem! The Water-Wipe-Clean, Double-Head Marker Pen that uses the water-based pigment can be applied on the water-proof smooth surface of plastics, glass, or metal. You can wipe the marking easily with water. It is so convenient to correct any mistakes and saves you trouble in case that you have the pigment on your hands or face. You can wash them off with water. The Water-Wipe-Clean Double-Head Marker Pen has 8 bright colors—red, orange, pink, yellow, green, azure, blue, and black. It can produce bright and eye-catching posters. The design of the double heads has different function. The 5.3 tilted square tip can present various thickness of stroke while the 1.4mm rounded tip can create rich and smooth lines. The product can handle all of the poster titles and descriptions. Most importantly, for the POP signs for discounted products or items in a shopping mall or the activity dates and contents in a poster that need to change frequently, even for the common office containers that change the signs, the Water-Wipe-Clean Double-Head Marker Pen allows you to wipe the old marking easily and write the new one!


Liberty W-601 Water-Based Double-Head Marker

Liberty Water-based Twin Marker is made of toxic-free, eco-friendly and safe water-based paint. When you color, paint, or write a poster, you do not have to bear with unpleasant smell and can be away from all kinds of volatile gas. The water-based paint is very colorful, including eight colors, brown, dark brown, orange, yellow, blue, purple, black and green. The product is not only the best choice for the coloring of multimedia works, but does not penetrate paper and pollute the desk when you paint a poster. Besides, after the paint is dried, it is water and light proof. It is the best partner for groups of graphic design and activity props at the mall and store.


Liberty W-004 Double-Had Fine Marker

Would you like to leave colorful memories for your youth? W-004 2 Way Ultra Thin Marker, specifically designed for experts of freehand drawing, meets EU EN71-3 standards. The 12 beautiful colors are made of odorless water-based ink. The thoughtful duo points—0.5mm and 1.0mm, give diverse variations of thin and thick lines. The minimalist transparent barrel presents the bright colors. With the silver stamping, the marker feels extremely in excellent quality in your hands. It is handy for you to write and draw on the diary. 12 young colors: brown, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, yellow green, green, light blue, blue, gray and black. They are bright and lovely, with rich layers. Packed in an exquisite transparent drum, the markers are not only easy for storage and conveniently accessible, but also the best choice for experts of freehand drawing.


Monami OLIKA EF Fountain Pen

In the age of writing revival, a good fountain pen is a must-have for a hipster. It does not need to be luxurious, exquisitely carved, at an extremely high price, or an alchemist’s precious collection stored in a noble’s secret chamber which would rarely be taken out. Rather, a good fountain pen should look neat and original. The most important is that its pen point should definitely be in excellent quality so that the writing can be fluent and smooth and without obstacle. In this way, it will be the favorite and top choice for modern hipsters. OLIKA Transparent Fine Fountain Pen contains a pen point of premium quality, presenting exquisite and delicate strokes. With 10 kinds of colorful ink, the user can write more colorfully. The transparent and lightweight barrel includes 10 colors of rubber grip, corresponding with the color of the ink. A fountain pen can be part of our daily life. The user can have lighter and more youthful hipster life during writing. The light OLIKA Transparent Fine Fountain Pen uses eco-friendly ink cartridge. The user will see the remaining content of the ink during writing and replace a ink cartridge when the ink is used up without having the pen absorb ink at home. The user can write smoothly without interruption.


Zebra BA115 Extension Link Ballpoint Pen

Perhaps it is not easy for an office worker to turn into Sun Wu-kong, but it is not difficult to have a modern version of Ruiyi Jingu Bang. Distributed by Liberty, Zebra SL-F1 BA115 Expansion Link Ballpoint Pen can be regarded as an office worker’s modern Ruiyi Jingu Bang. It is not only convenient to be carried around. Whenever you use the pen to take notes and write, you will become a hot topic. The barrel of BA115 comes in 10 colors: black, blue, gray, light blue, light green, orange, pink, purple, silver and white. It is 10.5 cm long before expansion and about 13.3 cm after. When expanded, it is like a pen in a regular size. It is good in hand and can be written smoothly. The product is the most suitable for users having to take notes quickly all the time. Refills are available for the type of expansion link ballpoint pen, including black, red, green, blue and other frequently used colors. The product is very eco-friendly and economical.


Liberty LB-7 Mechanical Ballpoint Pen

A ballpoint pen is an indispensable tool in our daily life. It is present from document correspondence, memos, records, appointment reminders, etc. Although it seems insignificant in life, it cannot be ignored. A ballpoint pen at a reasonable price, able to be written smoothly and feeling good in hand facilitates life more. The top requirement of a good ballpoint pen is that it should release ink fluently and be written smoothly. The refill of Liberty LB-7 Mechanical Ballpoint Pen is in the most adequate 0.7mm thick. It is durable. Its pen point won’t be broken easily. With the anti-friction round ball, the pen can be written more fluently. The oil-based ink comes out evenly. The pen can be written smoothly. The ink color is bright and strongly light resistant. The ink dries quickly and won’t change its color after being preserved for a long time. The barrel is in adequate thickness, feeling comfortable in hand. It is suitable for hands of various sizes. The refill comes out from the pen point quickly and conveniently after the user presses the pen. The user can write easily and effortlessly. The handy and durable Liberty LB-7 Mechanical Ballpoint Pen is especially suitable for volume purchase by companies, facilities and groups. It is the most economical.


Zebra JJZ58 SARASA ST-1 Rollerball

A pen is the most frequently used writing tool in our daily life. A smooth and handy pen is pleasing. Zebra SARASA ST-1 Rollerball comes in 9 bright basic colors. Its bullet pen point produces ink smoothly without leaking. The user can write cleanly and neatly. It is the most suitable for taking notes and doodling leisurely. Taking notes in rich colors, the key points are vividly and distinctively seen. Crystal and elastic, it is convenient to be carried around. With its thoughtful transparent window, it is convenient to see the ink level information. The ink is waterproof. The user does not need to worry that the writing is smudging. The paper is kept clean. The pen can be written smoothly. The user does not need to press the pen hard. Therefore, (s)he won’t feel tired after using it for a long time. It can be easily written until the last drop of the ink. Besides, the pen accepts JF-0.5 refill. It is eco-friendly. With Zebra SARASA ST-1 Rollerball, you will fall in love with writing again.


SchneiderGlam Rollerball 879 Relief Rollerball Box

The Schneider Relief Roller Ball Pen 100% made in Germany is designed with a plastic barrel that has 6 different and beautiful relief patterns for your choices, including pink, green, red, fire dragon, rock guitar and high-heel shoes. Each one would touch your heart. With a cap in the same style and the high-class, heavy-duty metal clip, the product designed perfectly makes you want to own it. The human-based antiskid triangular rubber handle makes the Pen easy and smooth to write. The product uses the high-quality, cone-shaped stainless steel tip and high-class, endurable stainless steel ball of M (medium) diameter. It is equipped with the blue water-based ink. Since the long barrel can accommodate an extra supplementary refill, the design allows the users to freely switch the refills between black, red, blue and green colors.


SchneiderBreeze 889 Catridge Rollerball

The Breeze 889 Fashion Pen is designed with the human-based triangular barrel and the beautiful streamline style which allows both left-handers and right-handers to hold and write easily. It is definitely the classic palm sculpture in writing. The cool design of color combination—black versus bright orange, dark purple versus pink, dark versus azure as well as dark green versus the spring-like light green—accompanied by fluent streamline decorations presents visual variation and the most fashionable style. Let the coolest fashion held in your hand! The Fashion Pen with the blue/black water-based ink smoothes the writing while the exchangeable refill of the Pen also shows its friendly attitude toward the earth. The sphere diameter of the refill is 0.7 mm, which is the moderate size for men and women, left-handers and right-handers.


Liberty CBP-001 PET Invoice Use Carbon Paper

Liberty CBP-001-003 PET. It is manufactured by factories certified by ISO 14001. The testing of the leaching and transferring of the eight major elements As, Ba, Cd, Cr, Hg, Pb, Sb, Se completely meets European standards as well as the regulations and requirements in RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) by EU. The product is the top choice for safe and eco-friendly office supplies. The carbon paper is single-sided, coming in blue and black: CBP-001 is specifically for hand-written invoices. It is of adequate size. One unit is 20 pieces of carbon paper. CBP-002 is 235*330mm, larger than A4. It is suitable for copies during English typing. It is 10 pieces a unit. CBP-003 and CBP-002 are of the same specification but is 50 pieces a unit.


Liberty CP-06D Double-Sided Carbon Paper for Notes

Liberty Double-Sided Carbon Paper 235x330mm is larger than A4. It can be used for typewriters, single-sided notes and other notes as well as for those enjoying paper cutting, sewing, patchwork and other crafts. The product can be used to draw all kinds of craft paper models, draft of large paper cutting works, all kinds of patterns, paper patterns and models. The user can place a piece of blank paper underneath the paper pattern and a double-sided carbon paper and then another piece of blank paper. In this way, the user can copy 2 pieces at one time, doing more with less work. He or she does not need to make copies at the convenience store. It is eco-friendly and energy saving. Besides, this carbon paper can be used to copy lines on the flat materials the user needs rather than blank paper. Liberty Note Use Double-Sided Carbon Paper 235x330mm comes in double-sided blue and double-sided black packed in carton boxes. 100 pieces a box, the product is quite economical.


Liberty NO.110 Road Marking Crayon

For the modern people who like to drive around, traffic safety is the most important thing. As the vehicle equipment keeps path with the times, you must not miss the Road Marking Crayon. When any car accidents happen, remember to mark the sites of accidents with the Road Marking Crayon. The Crayon with multiple functions and wonderful coloring ability can write on any solid surface. Most importantly, it can be used in all weathers regardless of the high temperature (it can endure 65∘C) in the summertime and the wet ground in the rainy days. The Crayon showing its heat-resistant and water-resistant characteristics helps to keep the scene intact and prevents the marking from fading. The safe and nontoxic Marking Crayon can keep your hand clean after usage. It is safe and assuring.


Liberty CC-090 Alishan Steam Train Color Pencil

【Product Content】 With the complete 36 colors, you can present the richer and more diverse painting. The product is a great option for the students of the design departments and office workers who have passion for color painting or needs of painting. With the rich color, the pencils are easy to render color. The sharpened core with the soft texture allows the users to show their creativity. The hexagonal barrel that keeps the pencil from rolling and scattering around also presents the high quality with the golden printed words on the barrel. With the scenery of Alishan forest train on the appearance of its package box, the pencils lying within the box conjure up the reminiscent history of the Alishan forest railway that transported bundles of woods. Today, the train transports the tourists from around the world to go through the green foggy forest and pink forest of cherry flower and to welcome the golden rising sun every day. It is like that the box of color pencils allows the users to take the train of dream to paint a colorful world!