Liberty CB-302 Steam Train Pencil (2B)

Liberty CB-302 Steam Train Pencil (2B)

NT$ 70

Product Description

This pencil brings a refined silver steam locomotive right into your hands. Against a black background, the train appears as a precious exhibit within an art gallery, seamlessly blending classical elegance with modern design.
The pencil's barrel is a classic black, devoid of any unnecessary ornamentation, featuring only clean color blocks that exude a sense of minimalist beauty. This minimalist design is captivating, transforming the barrel itself into a unique work of art.

Product Introduction

1_ The entire pencil seems to have become a small piece of art, showcasing the harmonious blend of the classical and the modern.

2_ The whole composition creates a tranquil and elegant atmosphere, with the train beautifully contrasting against the black background.

3_Steam Train Round Barrel Roller Print 2B Pencil

Additional Information:

Liberty CB-302 Steam Train Pencil (2B)

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