Liberty CB-311 Inspirational Idiom Pencil (2B)

Liberty CB-311 Inspirational Idiom Pencil (2B)

NT$ 70

Product Description

Each “Inspirational Idiom Pencil" serves as a tiny messenger of encouragement. Its barrel is engraved with various inspirational idioms, representing wisdom, courage, and persistence – the spiritual support we need in our daily lives. When you pick up this pencil, it's not just about writing; it's about being motivated by these idioms, infusing a positive force into every stroke of your pen.

Product Introduction

1_ In today's busy life, we often need some positive energy to encourage us.

2_  Let the "Inspirational Idiom Pencil" accompany you, sketching out magnificent scenes of life, and embracing every challenge with a positive attitude.

3_ It's not just a writing instrument, but also a source of motivational power, allowing us to feel a positive force between every stroke and every word.

Additional Information:

Liberty CB-311 Inspirational Idiom Pencil (2B)

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