Max Quick-Dry Ink Paste

Max Quick-Dry Ink Paste

NT$ 400

Product Description

Generally speaking, we don’t use ink paste very often, but when we need it, we need it urgently. Therefore, ink paste is a required stationery at home and office. Good ink paste requires several advantages: 1. bright color; 2. not harmful to the seal; 3. dry quickly without smearing other paper; and lasting and durable, etc.
Liberty Ink Paste is classic, durable, and lasting. It has been a long time! Liberty recently introduced Japan Max Premium Quick-Dry Ink Paste in two sizes No.50 (SA-5004 PS) and No.60 (SA-6004 PS) for consumers. The simple round and black look with premium smooth paint. The surface is printed with Max trademark logo. The plate is in two sizes, 54mm and 63mm in diameter. The product is suitable for general family and office seals and small stamps. In comparison with common ink paste, Max ink paste dries rapidly in 3 seconds when used on 64g paper. That by other common ink paste would need blowing dry. It greatly saves the working time for stamping.
Besides, the ink oil is made of ultra fine grain materials and oil-based ink. Its color is bright and saturated. Used for a long time with the lid opened, it won’t get dried easily. (At around 40 degrees, after a week, more than 95% of the ink remains). The paste is under multiple layers. It is lasting and durable. Don’t worry if the ink paste is out of ink. Max Quick-Dry Ink Paste Refill Oil can refill SA-18P (Its volume is 18ml). Used under normal circumstances, the product does not have heavy metals, is odor free, and won’t pollute the environment. Liberty protects the Earth. Action speaks louder than words. The product with so many advantages is worth having.

Product Introduction

1._The round lid has special opening design. It is easy to open and shut it. No.60 (SA-6004 PS) Ink Paste is 63.0mm. It is suitable for seals under 6cm.
Please identify the real product through Max trademark (distributed by Liberty). Its quality is assured.

2._After the seal is stamped, the stamp dries instantly in 3 seconds without smearing the hands or other objects. With the lid off, the ink won’t get dry soon (At around 40 degrees, after a week, more than 95% of the ink remains).

3._When the stamp looks unclear after the ink paste is used for a long time, the user can refill it with Max Quick-Dry Ink Paste Refill Oil according to his (her) needs.

4._Additional Information:
Number Physical Dimension Table Size
50 φ72.0 x21.0 mm φ54.0 mm
60 φ78.0 x20.0 mm φ63.0 mm


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