Staples/Staple Remover

Max- NO.10-1M  Staple

Max- NO.10-1M Staple

The MAX Staples which are made of the material coming from the Japanese original manufacturer and produced in Taiwan with the authorization from Japan is more endurable and easier to use than any other unknown brands on the market. Even the luster of the staple shows the difference of ...


Max- 1209F  Staple

Max- 1209F Staple

The Staples, which are applicable to the professional MAX HD-3DF and MAX-TG-A Gun Tacker, present high quality and outstanding penetrating power. The high-strength of the steel material is suitable for the thick canvas, fabrics, papers or bulletin board. The product is so convenient...


Max- NO.M8-1M Staple

Max- NO.M8-1M Staple

Different from the general staples with the even width, the Staples suitable for the scissor-like MAX-HD-88R M8 and HP-88 staplers are designed with a curved top that makes the Staples match up with the staple cartridge in a stapler. An easy and laborsaving stapler and the Staplers...


Max- 11-1M  Staple

Max- 11-1M Staple

The Staples which are designed exclusively for HD-11FL Stapler bind the papers with solid flat clinch. The documents which are bound with the staples are so flat and smooth that more documents can be piled up in the same drawer of a cabinet or a folder. 25 percent of space is saved...


Max- T3-10M  Staple

Max- T3-10M Staple

The Staples with a powerful binding effect are applicable to the professional gun tacker. They can fast items on a wooden wall or bulletin board and help to organize the thick documents. Except for the use of business affairs and activities, they also serve as a must-have tool for the ...


Max- 11-10mm  Staple

Max- 11-10mm Staple

The Staples are made of the strong steel materials. A Staple can fasten 40 sheets of paper, totaling 70 grams, at once. The product is exclusively for the labor-saving stapler, MAX-HD-11FL or MAX HD-11UFL. It that can bind the documents without falling is a great helper in fastening...


Max- 1210FA-H  Staple

Max- 1210FA-H Staple

The Staples are particularly suitable for the multifunctional and powerful staplers such as MAX HD-12 and 12L/17 types. The Staples are made of the strong steel materials that will not fall off after binding. The length of a staple foot is 10mm while the width between the feet is...


Max- 1213FA-H  Staple

Max- 1213FA-H Staple

The Staples applicable to the multifunctional and powerful staplers such as the MAX HD-12F, 12L/17 and 12N/24 types uses the high-strength steel wires. The binding effect of the staples is strong and the Staples are not easy to fall off. The length of a staple foot is 13mm while the...


Max- 1215FA-H  Staple

Max- 1215FA-H Staple

The Staples exclusive for the MAX HD-12F, 12L/17, 12N/17 and 12N/24 Staplers are designed with the hard material that is suitable for the heavy staplers. It can fast the documents without falling off. The feet of the strong metal staples with the great penetrating power can fast 140...


Max- RZ-A Staple Remover

Max- RZ-A Staple Remover

The small Staple Remover which will not damage the papers is suitable for the No. 10 staples. It as a great helper in an office can save your effort without hurting your nails. The pocket-sized shape is cute while the unique design for pushing and pressing is different from the...


Max- 1217FA-H  Staple

Max- 1217FA-H Staple

The Staples as a great helper in binding is applicable for the weighty staplers such as the MAX HD-12F, 12L/17, 12N/17 and 12N/24 types. A piece of the Staple can fast 170 sheets of paper at a time. The length of the strong metal staple foot is 17 mm and the width between its feet is...


Max- RZ-F Staple Remover

Max- RZ-F Staple Remover

The long Staple Remover which is as light as a pen allows the users to easily remove a staple by putting the thumb on the round groove of the handle, placing the front tip of the remover under the staple, moving the remover left and right and pulling it upward. It is very easy to use. ...