Zebra S3A11 Prefill Refill Changing Pen with Three-Color Barrels

Zebra S3A11 Prefill Refill Changing Pen with Three-Color Barrels

NT$ 70

Product Description

The super cute colorful Prefill Pen exclusive for the female employees will be your unique favorite pen since it allows the users to change the barrel according to the users’ mood and clothing.

The 3-Color Prefill Pen provides the 8 color combinations of barrel for the young salaried employees: fashionable white, cool black and gray, sweet dark and light pink, innocent dark and light pink blue, dreamy burgundy and pink as well as the limited cute pattern—pea white, pea pink and pea azure. The barrel with different designs and characteristics are for your choices! The Prefill Pen also allows the users to purchase 3 colors of FILLs according to their PREFERANCE. The refill has 4 options, including mechanical pencil, fountain pen, oil-based pen and emulsion-ink refill while the pencil lead has 0.3/0.5/0.7mm for your choices. The ink of the fountain pen and emulsion-ink pen present the colorful colors and multiple choices; the oil-based ink has red, green, blue and black for your options.

Product Introduction

1_ The design of the elastic clip makes the Pen and the important documents or notebooks become “Damon and Pythias.”

2_ The push-bottom selection system is easy to operate; it can switch the “core” in a fast and efficient way.

Additional Information:


dot white



dot pink

light blue

dot light blue

burgundy red

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