Liberty Thermal Paper Roll (70M)

Liberty Thermal Paper Roll (70M)

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Product Description

In the age of electronics, everything takes the latest technology as the priority. Invoices have no exception. To go with an electronic cash register, Liberty releases E-Invoice Thermal Paper 57x70mm. Made of coated paper made in Japan, the product is lightproof, waterproof, humidity proof, heat proof, grease proof and adhesion proof. Ravaged by all kinds of harsh conditions, the paper still remains perfect. Most importantly, under the strictly high standards of “zero” BPA and plasticizer, Liberty is the first company producing thermal paper passing SGS inspection and completely conforming to the regulations of M.O.E.A. The product is totally free from harmful substances. The health of the salesperson, clerk, consumer, family member collecting the invoice and checking the receipt is guaranteed

Liberty E-Invoice Thermal Paper 57x70mm, 70 meters a roll, five rolls a pack and 100 rolls a box, is the most suitable for smart stores with good business and large trade.

Product Introduction

1_To choose Liberty BPA free thermal paper is to protect the health of yourself, the employees and consumers.

2_ Because thermal paper is used in large amount in invoices, credit card bills and number slips, it is a great bargain to use 57x70mm thermal paper.

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