Liberty Thermal Paper Roll (100M)

Liberty Thermal Paper Roll (100M)

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Product Description

The invoice and shopping details at the mall, credit card bills, number slips at the bank, post office and hospital are printed in 57x100mm thermal paper. The thermal paper produced by Liberty is BPA free. It makes contributions to the environment!

For the receipt printed out by the machine, the consumer cares about whether the price printed on the invoice is correct and whether (s)he will be fortunate enough to win a prize; whether the number slip is sent out smoothly and quickly. These are important, but the most important is whether the thermal paper we get in touch with for numerous times every day contains BPA. BPA is a toxic chemical substance, an EDC and a common developer for thermal paper. If you get in touch with BPA frequently, your hormones will be disrupted, influencing reproduction and growth. For the health of the consumer and the clerks and accountants at the store, Liberty insists passing the inspection by Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection, M.O.E.A.—BPA free! Therefore, supporting BPA free thermal paper is to protect your own health!

Product Introduction

1_ 57 x 100mm thermal paper is often used to print out invoices, credit card bills, number slips, ATM receipts, etc. It is in adequate length and applicable for many kinds of machines.

2_ Supporting BPA free thermal paper is to protect your own health!

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